Unimogs playing at Selmun

Here are some new photos (well they were new in March 97:) of my mog having fun. The place is called Selmun, and is one of the most popular places in Malta for playing with offroaders. Unfurtunately I had no one with me to take photos (the other person who knew how to take photos was playing with the other mog), so I had to stop and get out of the mog to take photos.

Going down a 5 foot high vertical drop

Initially I thought it was more like three, but when the mog stood almost vertically on its nose and the ground was just a few inches from the windscreen I realised that there must have been a slight miscalculation. I'd have liked to take a pic of it standing on its nose but before getting out to take the photo I thought I'd better drive a couple of feet forward as I was afraid the mog would go end over. Nobody was filming while as I went down the first bit but after taking theses photos, the guy in the other mog filmed me driving out of that obstacle. I hope to be able to digitise some parts of the video and put them here. (There are MORE Unimog Pictures on the next page)

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